Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dog Toy Box

I wanted to make a toy box for the toys that my dog Buster has. This is how it turned out.
I found the box at Goodwill for $3.99. It was chipped and marked up. I forgot to take a picture of the box before it primed it. I did also end up priming the inside of the box.

After that I painted the box with three coats of white paint.
I then put on some vinyl decals that I cut out on my Cricut. I didn't have a paw print that I could use so I cut out a heart and put it on upside down. I used the light blue Cricut vinyl.

After putting the vinyl on the box I did three coats of a gloss top coat to seal the vinyl on the box.

Here is the final product with my dog Buster and his toys tiger and weasel.
Hope you guys like!


  1. Adorable and a great deal from the Goodwill! - what cricut cartridge did this come from??

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  3. Oh, what a nice dog owner you are! Buster looks so cute! Great idea!

  4. Oh, my gosh! This is just so adorable, and so is Buster! I wish my dogs played with toys. They just sit there and stare at them. Boogers.

  5. Cute! Would also be a cute way to personalize a trash can in a kids room or a little toybox. Visiting from Tip Junkie

  6. Great idea that can be applied in so many different ways! Stopping by from Blue Cricket.

  7. My parents have a beagle names Buster, haha. This is so cute!