Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Husband!

Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday. Since we went out to dinner last night he decided that he wanted meat loaf his favorite for dinner. So not I am cooking a wonderful dinner.

I wanted to share the birthday present that I got done. I did a photo collage of my husband and our dog Buster. They are the best friends. I was able to do a thirty picture collage at Costco. It is 30" by 20".
I was able to do this while I was sick with a bad bad cold. You can go online to Costco and upload all of the pictures really quickly. I was able to shuffle the pictures to get the photos right where I want them. I love that you can order online and set the time when you want to pick it up. I really think that it turned out great. This is my favorite picture.
Buster was just a baby when I took this picture. I still have some stuff to finish to make it complete. I will post those pictures soon.
Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!

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